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women who inspire us

here are just a few of the many women who are inspiring us this month and every month of the year.

why changing your routine in winter, could be the best thing for your hair

we all know how cold weather affects our skin, but did you know winter takes a toll on your hair too? winter is here, and that cold, dry air can leave you with brittle, damaged hair. as the weather changes, your hair care routine should change with it. the harsh...

hair washing 101

our educator collette silva is here to teach you how to wash your hair like a pro!

meet saji

  from a young age, saji put odds and ends together to make jewelry and sold them in her neighborhood. when she grew up and she it a career. her neighborhood may have gotten bigger, but her passion hasn’t changed. get inspired by saji in our latest privé portrait. she is an...

meet laremy

  whether she's watching from the crowd or pouring her heart into some vocals, hardcore is her passion. listen in as she discusses her hair routine and how highlighter changed her life in this privé portrait. for this privé portrait, we spoke to laremy, the vocalist of give way, a...

meet lauren

  beginning at a young age, music was a part of lauren's life. now she inspires her listeners with the music she creates. for this prive portrait, we sat down with lauren, a musician out of la. watch her interview below to get inspired by her song writing process, style and her advice for breaking...

meet stevi beets

  she loves art so much she made it her job. let her tell you all about tattooing, her beauty routine, and her journey in this prive portrait. for this prive portrait, we sat down with stevi beets, a tattoo artist whose beautiful artwork is featured on the skin of...

privé products CEO spotlight

we sat down with shay hoelscher to get a look into her passions and aspirations.  

privé’s charity of choice is making 2020 a lot better for women in need

privé is proud of the women in need and families that will benefit from the money raised at 2020’s virtual evening en blanc, hosted by project beauty share.