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are privé products vegan?

most of our products are vegan, but some products are not vegan:

  • our finishing texture spray contains lanolin.
  • our styling whip, moisture rich conditioner and amp up conditioner contain stearalkonium chloride.
  • our dry shampoo contains stearalkonium hectorite.
  • our shining weightless amplifier contains keratin amino acids and stearalkonium chloride.

what makes privé products different from other professional brands?

privé is proud to say we not only use the highest quality raw ingredients and purest water in our formulations, but we also manufacture our products in-house. we take pride in manufacturing products ourselves and knowing the sourcing of our ingredients. our pure, potent natural ingredients power our products—not many brands can say that! we provide the best performance in the most natural way possible.


are privé products tested on animals?

no animal testing on our watch! privé products are peta-certified cruelty-free.


can privé packaging be recycled?

yes, all privé bottles, tubes and cans are recyclable. 


are products color-safe, and gluten- and sulfate-free?

we care about what goes in each bottle, tube and can. at privé, we never add harsh cleansing sulfates or gluten to our products. all our products are color-safe. in fact, the ingredients in our powerhouse blend help preserve and protect hair color.


can i use privé products on keratin-treated hair?

yes! we don’t add sodium chloride or harsh sulfates to any of our products. privé products are safe to use after any chemical services.


where can i find product knowledge and tutorial videos?

we have how-to styling videos for great ideas on how to use our products. check them out here! you’ll also find lots of useful information on each product page on our website.


i carry privé at my salon; how do i get on your salon locator?  if i don’t carry your full line, can i still get on your salon locator?

whether you carry your top favorites or our full line, we would love for you to be on our salon locator. customers call in and ask all the time if there’s a privé salon near them! follow this link, where it only takes a minute to add your salon to our map.  


where can i buy privé products?

search for a salon near you through our salon locator or shop directly through us at www.priveproducts.com.

how are privé shampoos and conditioners safe to use on your skin?

because we use high-quality plant and fruit-grade ingredients in the formulations, our shampoos and conditioners are pure enough to use on your skin. wash your face, wash your hair and wash your worries away! many of our male clients love using our damage fix shampoo as an all-in-one (shampoo and body wash). it leaves the skin feeling clean and moisturized. 


i want to become part of the privé family; how do i become an educator?

at privé, we refer to our wickedly talented team of educators as inspirators. they’re educators by definition, but oh so much more. we look for insanely passionate stylists with years of knowledge and experience under their belt. if you’re ready to inspire, create and innovate, submit a video of your work and a bio about you, your qualifications and experiences to our business development manager, jolene, at jkellner@priveproducts.com.


how do i become an affiliate?

if you have a good group of friends and followers who adore you and trust you to provide your honest opinions about life and the products you use, then we want to partner with you. read more about becoming a privé affiliate and submit your program application here. 


what are your best-selling products?

our clients have many product favorites, but here are the five that top our list nearly every month:

  1. shining weightless amplifier
  2. finishing texture spray
  3. smoothing solution
  4. curl cream
  5. prep & protect
  6. bonus: vanishing oil is also a fan favorite and sneaks into our top 5 during certain times of the year!


i love everything about privé! how do i become a privé salon?

we’d love for you to carry privé in your salon. check out our distribution map here to see if there’s a local distributor in your area. you can also contact us at customercare@priveproducts.com or call (906) 424-4709 for our business development manager, jolene.


where can i leave a review?

we love to hear your feedback! take a moment to leave a review here about our brand or any products you love!