Women in Motorsports NA (WIMNA) Women with Drive Summit III Driven by Mobil 1

Women in Motorsports NA (WIMNA) Women with Drive Summit III Driven by Mobil 1

November 6-8th 2023

Phoenix Raceway, Avendale Arizona

still resonating after attending the Women in Motorsports NA Women with Drive 3 Summit, November 6-8th. it was epic, i was surrounded by 420+ incredible women and allies supporting women racing drivers, women engineers, women race teams, venues and marketing/media agencies all driven by women that are a part of the motorsport industry, changing the narrative. i was inspired by many women athletes who have completed in a man’s world and have demonstrated their unwavering grit and determination that were also present. it was especially meaningful to me as in a world that's often male-dominated, even in the beauty industry we know it takes strength, determination, and unwavering self-belief to create a name for yourself.

this was powerful, being a female racing driver in a male dominated sport, the community and collaboration was stunning with other like minded women, this is definition of the real sisterhood community.

my mantra: “empowered women empower women”


you can’t imagine this community and the support and recognition of all of the work that is being done to support the mission of diversity, equality and inclusivity to support and invite women into a highly dominated male space. every one of these women are making their mark in their own unique way. these women are change makers and thought leaders to show other women and girls that anything is possible. the message from this event was “i-can-see-her-i-can-be-her”. i was so inspired. this demonstrated the smashing of the glass ceiling and showing the world that anything is possible and there is not one way to do it but your own unique journey. the stories of perseverance, grit and tenacity left a tremendous impact on me.

as one of my core beliefs in life.. relationships always matter, never miss an opportunity to nurture, invest or make them.

bringing this experience back to privé, we're all about empowering women to be their authentic selves, to embrace their unique journeys, and to make their own rules ... because the world needs more trailblazers that do things differently.



my belief, keep pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and inspiring others, and never give up.

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