the beauty is in the giving: privé's sponsorship of evening en blanc

the beauty is in the giving: privé's sponsorship of evening en blanc

in the heart of the pacific northwest, evening en blanc, Project Beauty Share's signature event, brings together a community united by a powerful mission - to restore hope and dignity to women and their families. as Project Beauty Share's premier sponsor, we are committed to giving back. this extraordinary event serves as a beacon of hope and support for thousands of women in need. 



Project Beauty Share: empowering women, changing lives

Project Beauty Share is a transformative organization that draws inspiration from the renowned global event evening en blanc. with an unwavering focus on restoring hope and dignity to women, Project Beauty Share's efforts have touched the lives of 65,000 families through 140 organizations, distributing over 80,000 pounds of essential beauty and hygiene products in 2022 alone. their unwavering commitment to making a difference has garnered support from all corners of society, including businesses like privé.


privé: the beauty of giving back

at privé, the belief that "the beauty is in the giving" lies at the core of their values. as a testament to this philosophy, privé donates 1% of its sales to Project Beauty Share, channeling their success into a force for good. privé's mission is deeply rooted in the idea that everyone deserves an opportunity to thrive and feel beautiful while doing so. by supporting Project Beauty Share, privé aims to enrich the lives of all women, creating a positive impact that extends far beyond their products. beauty is kindness. 


evening en blanc: a celebration of community and generosity

evening en blanc is the embodiment of Project Beauty Share's vision, serving as an annual celebration that unites the community and furthers their mission. hosted at the historic flight museum this year, this event promises an unforgettable evening filled with incredible food, celebratory beverages, and captivating auctions, all dedicated to raising vital funds for the cause. attendees not only get to enjoy a night of fun and entertainment but also contribute directly to supporting women and their families in the region and beyond.


the impact of privé's sponsorship

privé's sponsorship of evening en blanc goes beyond financial support; it represents a genuine commitment to making a difference. by aligning their brand with Project Beauty Share, privé fosters an image of corporate social responsibility, inspiring others to join in the movement of positive change. through their donations and active participation, privé actively contributes to empowering women and restoring hope in countless lives.


inspiring others to join the movement

as privé proudly takes part in evening en blanc, their involvement encourages others in the community to rally behind this meaningful cause. by witnessing the tangible impact of Project Beauty Share's efforts and the difference made by privé’s contributions, more individuals and businesses may be inspired to get involved and contribute to similar initiatives. this ripple effect creates a powerful force for change, leading to a collective effort in transforming lives for the better.

evening en blanc, powered by privé's unwavering support, stands as a testament to the transformative power of giving back. through their sponsorship of this signature event, privé continues to elevate the mission of Project Beauty Share, restoring hope and dignity to women and their families. by attending evening en blanc and supporting Project Beauty Share, the community comes together, united by a common purpose - to make the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time.

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