empowering speed: our partnership with Sabré Cook

empowering speed: our partnership with Sabré Cook

at the heart of every successful collaboration lies a shared vision and a drive to make a difference. our women-owned brand is proud to have partnered with Sabré Cook, a trailblazing professional racing driver and mechanical engineer from Grand Junction, Colorado. this partnership not only represents our commitment to supporting women in male-dominated industries but also embodies the spirit of empowerment and breaking barriers. as Sabré continues her upward trajectory in the world of racing, we are excited to stand by her side, providing our high-quality hair care products to fuel her passion and success.


a shared vision: breaking barriers

as a women-owned brand, our core mission is to challenge societal norms and break down barriers that limit opportunities for women. in Sabré Cook, we found someone who embodies the same determination and resilience that have driven our brand's success. Sabré's journey in the racing world, which began with karting at the age of 8 and later transitioned into car racing, is a testament to her unwavering pursuit of her dreams, regardless of gender-based challenges.


empowering women in motorsports

motorsports have long been dominated by men, making it challenging for women to carve out a place for themselves. by partnering with Sabré, we aim to contribute to the much-needed change in this landscape. our brand recognizes the immense talent and potential that women possess in the racing world and believes in empowering them to excel and achieve greatness. through this partnership, we hope to inspire more women to pursue their passions and overcome any barriers they might encounter along the way.

as she hurtles down the racetrack, every aspect of her performance matters, including her confidence and presentation. our high-quality hair care products play a role in ensuring that Sabré feels at her best, both on and off the track. the right hair care routine provides her with the confidence to face any challenge, knowing that she can focus solely on her racing prowess without any distractions.


synergy of skills: racing and engineering

 beyond her incredible talent as a racing driver, Sabré Cook's background as a mechanical engineer adds another dimension to our partnership. her in-depth understanding of the technical aspects of racing cars aligns perfectly with our brand's commitment to precision and excellence. this synergy allows us to support sabré in multiple ways, appreciating her skills both as a driver and an engineer. 


inspiring the next generation

partnerships like the one with Sabré Cook go beyond immediate goals; they inspire and influence future generations. as young girls witness Sabré's achievements and her partnership with our brand, they see that they too can break free from stereotypes and pursue their passions fearlessly. representation matters, and we take pride in being part of a movement that encourages girls to dream big, no matter the field they aspire to excel in.

our partnership with Sabré embodies the spirit of empowerment, determination, and progress. by joining forces with this remarkable professional racing driver and mechanical engineer, our women-owned brand takes a stand for inclusivity and equality in motorsports and beyond. as Sabré continues her journey of breaking barriers and shattering glass ceilings, we stand beside her, offering unwavering support. together, we look forward to the brighter future we are shaping for women in the racing world, hair care world, and beyond. empowered by our partnership, Sabré is set to conquer new horizons and inspire generations to come.

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