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inspiring the next generation of ceos and business owners with Shay!

last month our ceo, shay hoelscher, was asked to speak with members of the kappa kappa gamma sorority at washington state university. she brought her unique insight to the next generation of business owners and ceos, inspiring them to dream big when it comes to their careers. 

get to know kukui

from healing wounds, to treating eczema, to boosting hair moisture and shine, here’s a look at all the benefits of another one of our powerhouse ingredients, kukui oil. 

heatless hairstyles for holiday fun

looking for a boost of hairstyle inspiration? here are six tutorials featuring heatless styling tips to help you find the perfect look for all of your holiday celebration needs.

deep-diving into charcoal

from removing harmful toxins from the body, to minimizing pores, to deep cleansing your scalp, here is a spotlight of one of our favorite powerhouse ingredients: charcoal.

all about that baobab

vitamin c, antioxidants, and so much more—here’s a look at all the benefits of our powerhouse ingredient baobab when it comes to your health, wellness, and hair.

recapping the incredible Evening En Blanc!

on august 22, our partner, Project Beauty Share, held their annual Evening En Blanc event to raise funds for women in need! our ceo, Shay Hoelscher, hosted her own en blanc watch party with her amazing friends and took us along for the ride! check it out below!  View this...

how to become a privé partner!

wondering what it takes to become an affiliate with privé? trust us, it's super easy. read more to find out what we have to offer in our affiliate program!

it’s all about the pomegranate

when it comes to taking care of your hair, skin, and body—it’s really all about pomegranate. here’s a look at the many benefits pomegranates hold to help you understand why it is one of the biggest stars in our powerhouse ingredients blend.

bamboo meets privé products

this ingredient deserves a special spotlight when it comes to understanding why it should be considered a healthy hair care staple.