how to become a privé partner!

how to become a privé partner!

what does it mean to become a brand affiliate you might ask? think of a brand you like, a brand that you love their products and align with the brand values. i'll bet you find it easy, natural and exciting to share your love for these products with your family, friends, and on your social media.  this is what it takes to become a brand affiliate & you may already be doing it! by signing up to become an affiliate, the brand will pay you commission for any sales you make for sharing your love for their products.

we know your friends and followers adore you, trust you to give your honest opinion on all topics, and wait for you to share your secrets on being your true, authentic self. that’s why we want to partner with you to spread the word about privé products!

our privé clean.pure.good. formulas are welcoming new fragrances in the new year and we’d love to share these with you to provide your honest opinions and recommendations to your followers. you’ll offer unique product discounts to your audience and earn $$ doing it. privé affiliate’s receive a 25% commission for every purchase someone makes using your link.

are you ready to team up? follow this link to submit your form today! 

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