what are the benefits of joining?

joining privé partners allows you to promote the products you love to your friends, family and followers on social, and earn commission on sales made through your personal privé shopping link.

how do you become an affiliate?

do you love sharing your favorite products to your social media? then, this program is for you!

joining privé partners is super easy! you apply here. once approved, our consultant will help you every step of the way!

what to expect

• we send out detailed instructions of our program, so nothing is missed

• you will receive assets to share to your social media. we do the work for you :)

• we communicate via Instagram. so, please check your messages often!

• there is also a customer support email affiliate@priveproducts.com

• stay tuned for monthly updates right to your inbox, with everything you need to succeed as our partner!

as an affiliate you will get

• 25% commission

• free content

• access to monthly emails featuring privé updates and social support

• no minimum followers needed

• payouts via PayPal


1. how do i join? 

2. where do i find my link?

in your affiliate dashboard. you can log into your dashboard through our affiliate portal on priveproducts.com or bookmark the refersion website https://www.refersion.com/affiliate/login on your device for quick access.

3. why do i have to have a paypal?

this is how you will be paid your commission.

4. how often will i get paid?

on the last business day of the month. please allow 3-5 business days to transfer over.

5. how can i make more sales?

share! share! share to your social pages! put your link on your station, front desk, in your emails and text messages to clients.

consider creating content that highlights the benefits of the products or how you use them.

6. how can i see my sales?

log into your affiliate dashboard through your affiliate link.

7. will there be any support?

an affiliate team member will answer any questions you have. send an email to affiliate@priveproducts.com.

8. where do i access imagery to put on my social media?

  • in your dashboard, there is a tab for creatives. you can pull any imagery from there to share with your following.