bookmark for brilliant blonde all summer long!

bookmark for brilliant blonde all summer long!

those warm summer nights are finally here  – beach bonfires, drive-ins and sundresses without getting goosebumps! but along with those blissful nights, come hot, sunny days. don’t get me wrong, i LOVE a hot summer day, but not when this platinum blonde turns yellow. get ahead of the yellow and protect your blonde and keep your tone with privé's top product picks for brilliant blonde all summer long!


1.blonde rush shampoo & conditioner


you’ll want to keep this blue-violet duo on the frontlines all summer. infused with basic blue #99, blonde rush shampoo and conditioner banish brassy tones that put a damper on opulent summer blonde. and forget about straw-like fragile strands, the vitamin and protein-packed set will weightlessly hydrate, strengthen and repair to add shine, elasticity and softness. plus, color lasts longer thanks to the protective quinoa in this special formula.  


2. Bucket Hat



okay, it doesn’t have to be a bucket hat. but just promise us, you’ll put on a hat before spending all day in the sun. blonde or brunette, protecting your hair against the sun is no joke. did you know those harmful UV rays can cause dryness, brittle strands, frizziness, protein loss and discoloration – especially for us blondies. so remember that hat – or bandana – or scarf!


3. prep & protect spray

whether your blonde, brunette, dyed, treated or natural, skipping heat protection is a cardinal sin when it comes to hair care. but when it comes to blonde, let’s be honest, there’s an added layer of discoloration we have to be on a constant lookout for, especially after using hot tools. luckily, protecting against damage from the sun, hot tools and even brushing couldn’t be easier thanks to our prep & protect spray. you’re just a couple of spritzes away from shinier, tangle-free, frizz-free protected locks.


4. vanishing oil


fighting against lackluster strands and breakage-induced frizz from intense processing? allow me to introduce you to prive’s vanishing oil - or as we like to call it, the miracle worker! carrot, soybean, grapefruit and bergamot oils combine to add intense shine and combat frizz with a weightless, residue-free finish, keeping your blonde from looking overworked this summer. 


5. Sunscreen

yup, sunscreen for your hair… but not the greasy lotion kind you’re thinking of. Most hair sunscreens feel similar to a dry shampoo so you’ll feel clean and oil-free while still protecting from damaging rays. 


6. shine mist


being blonde has its price - damage from all the color processing strips hair of shine, softness and even texture. this summer, forget sacrificing healthy, beautiful hair for lifeless locks in the name of blonde. privé’s moisturizing shine mist gives soft and smooth texture with the ultimate shine boost in seconds – who said being blonde had to be high maintenance!

by: leslie berlin, guest writer

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