check out our reformulated vanishing oil

check out our reformulated vanishing oil

reintroducing our vanishing oil! we've pumped up the concentration of kukui, baobab, and carrot oils in our vanishing oil to penetrate deeper and feel lighter. 

with just one pump, you’ll feel a more lightweight formula that’s easier to rake through the hair without weighing it down. you’ll also get better frizz control, manageability and high shine—without any excess residue and buildup. (think ‘90s supermodel hair.) this dry oil absorbs quickly, penetrating deeper into the hair to repair and hydrate from within. 

experience our supercharged formula and clean & fresh fragrance that includes lemon flower, verbena, amber, and tonka musk: apply to damp or dry before styling and watch it work its magic. 

at privé, we work hard to bring high-quality ingredients to our fans. with a higher concentration of natural oils, you’ll experience not only the outward benefits of this product but also an ultra-restorative formula that nourishes directly at your hair shaft and smooths the cuticle, preventing future damage and delivering long-term hydration. 

kukui oil 

  • contains high levels of amino and fatty acids, which are highly penetrative and can help restore moisture and impart gloss and shine. 
  • native to one of Hawaii’s ancient beauty secrets, this oil from the kukui nut has oleic and linoleic acids that lock in moisture and restore hair’s natural oil while treating itchy scalps and problems like dandruff. 
  • kukui oil’s properties are why we call it “vanishing” oil since it can be used on dry hair—especially hair that’s been damaged by overexposure to sun and wind. 

baobab oil 

  • provides intense hydration, which helps protect hair from heat and environmental aggressors like pollution, sun, wind and extreme temperature. 
  • This ancient superfood comes from the oldest tree on our planet, the “tree of life.” the tree has the ability to store gallons of nutrient-rich water in a trunk to survive harsh droughts in Africa. 
  • baobab oil is high in omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. these miracle nutrients can transform and nourish each strand of hair. 
  • this oil has collagen-producing properties that allow your body to use amino acids to build hair protein and strengthen the skin that holds your hair roots, thus preventing the hair from follicle damage.

carrot oil 

  • strengthens hair fibers, moisturizes and stimulates hair follicles. also helps prevent hair split ends. 
  • extracted from carrot seeds in the carrot plant, this oil contains bioflavonoids—powerful antioxidants to support hair health and protect from damage. 
  • carrot oil is an ancient medicine that conditions the hair and scalp.

what are you waiting for? vanishing oil is back and better than ever. 

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