Evening En Blanc 2022

Evening En Blanc 2022

on August 21, our partner, Project Beauty Share, held their annual Evening En Blanc event to raise funds for women in need. Evening En Blanc brings the community together by celebrating Project Beauty Share’s mission of helping to restore hope and dignity to women and their families. our CEO, Shay Hoelscher attended this celebration, to support an organization that she truly believes in. “this is one of the most meaningful things we do as a company. it feels good to support a cause that we are so behind.” - Shay Hoelscher

because of our partnership with Project Beauty Share, we are proud that we were one of the main sponsors for Evening En Blanc. this year’s goal was to raise $175,000. they exceeded this goal by raising $184,564. 

so what exactly is Project Beauty Share?

Project Beauty Share is a non-profit organization that provides hygiene, cosmetics, and beauty products to women in need experiencing poverty, homelessness, and abuse. as a company, we contribute 1% of our sales each month to Project Beauty Share - think of the difference you will make next time you click “add to cart.” 

help us help them continue their mission to help women in need! if you would like more information on Project Beauty Share, Evening En Blanc, or how to donate, please visit their website: https://projectbeautyshare.org/

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