looking back on international women's day and celebrating earth day

looking back on international women's day and celebrating earth day

this month, we wrapped up international women’s month and as earth day approaches, we want to show how privé saves the planet. read on to learn more.


international women’s day - our recap

in March, we donated around $300,000 dollars of products to a nonprofit organization and one of our partners, Project Beauty Share. this donation is HUGE, helping over 8,000 women in need.

Julie Farley, Founder & Executive Director of Project Beauty Share®️ talks about our donation and how this will help so many women feel confident and empowered.

we are honored to work with an organization that fits perfectly with our passions. 


in addition, we donated to our local community!

Peshtigo Food Pantry in Peshtigo, WI. we donated a large number of products with a value of $13,000.

The Salvation Army in Marinette, WI with a value of $11,000.

St. Vincent de Paul in Marinette, WI with a value of $13,000.

one of our product donations to our local community

thank you to all that support privé. these huge donations would not be possible without your love and support.


happy earth day from us at privé

at privé, we make our products in our facility just outside of Seattle, Washington (with the exception of aerosol hairsprays). making our own products ensures the high-quality that you receive with our brand—it's unsurpassed. we are proudly packaged with recyclable packaging. in addition, our products are gluten free and not tested on animals. we want to protect nature and those that live in it.


how do we recycle at privé?

privé products are all about the big three: reduce, reuse and recycle. both our bottles and shipping materials are recycled daily. here’s how we do it: shred our cardboard piece by piece

once shredded, the cardboard’s texture becomes similar to an accordion, making it easy to pack up when shipping our products.

the shredded cardboard is packed throughout the box, securing the products from any damage.

and that's how it's done! thank you to Brian Nutter, warehouse supervisor for showing us the process!

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