keep your blonde: tips to prevent your hair from turning yellow or brassy

keep your blonde: tips to prevent your hair from turning yellow or brassy

so, you finally got that perfect shade of blonde, but now you’re up against the many forces that can damage and ruin it. they say blondes have more fun, but what’s for sure—blonde hair care can be a constant uphill battle. summer can make it especially tricky to keep unwanted warm tones at bay. luckily, we’ve highlighted the best tips and tricks to extend the life of your blonde and improve the health of your hair, even during days at the beach and long hours in the sun.

invest in a filter

hard water is filled with chlorine and minerals such as calcium and magnesium that strips hair of its color, causing it to turn yellow and brassy. unfortunately, 85% of households have hard water, meaning your tresses are probably in danger! the fix? invest in a shower head filter sooner rather than later. this will neutralize the minerals, causing less damage.

pro tip: when you’re traveling, bring a bottle of spring water into the shower for a mineral-free rinse.

wash your hair less

shampoo strips hair’s natural oils and takes your blonde pigment along with it. so, washing your hair less often will keep it nourished and hydrated, helping hold onto the color longer. try washing your hair every other day or once every three days. dry shampoo is your new best friend!

pro tip: put dry shampoo in before bed to absorb oils while you sleep.

use the right dry shampoo

now that you're not washing every day and upping your dry shampoo use, let’s make sure you choose the right one. dry shampoo now comes formulated for different hair colors, look for one that has a light color to it to keep your hair lighter and bypass the grease of day three no washing. no more mandatory messy bun day!

violet shampoo & conditioner

basically an at-home, gradual toning treatment, violet shampoo and conditioner are an absolute must for blonde hair. privé’s blonde rush blue-violet shampoo maintains brightness and neutralizes unwanted warm tones while nourishing to keep hair healthy. follow up with privé’s blonde rush conditioner, which features basic blue #99 to combat a wide spectrum of brassiness in bleached blondes and neutralize common brassiness in brunettes. an infusion of goji berry and jojoba proteins mingled with green tea leaves is the basis for this damage-healing, fiber-strengthening duo. together they boost shine, softness and elasticity.

cool rinse

much like your skin, hot water dries out your hair by opening your pores and removing oils from your scalp. this makes your strands delicate and brittle, so they can’t hold onto color or break and fall off. on the opposite end, a cold rinse—after washing with lukewarm water—will seal the pores, reduce fade and maintain the natural oils that add softness and shine to your locks.

moisture, moisture, moisture!

even with less washing and cool rinsing, chances are you’re still going to need to moisturize. color-treated hair especially requires a lot of moisture to stay healthy. try adding a weekly deep condition to your hair care routine. deep conditioning will replenish moisture after shampooing and keep blonde bright. try a diy hair mask! next time you’re hopping in the shower, prep one of the below natural-ingredient, hydrating masks for a quick, budget-friendly deep moisture treatment.

coconut + honey: this mixture combines the magic of moisture-retaining coconut oil and shine-inducing honey for a great repairing combo.

ingredients: 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of honey.

brown sugar + olive oil: dealing with dryness after coloring? who isn’t? a blend of brown sugar and olive oil will remove buildup from your scalp—goodbye dry shampoo—while locking in moisture, preventing dryness.

ingredients: 2 tablespoons of brown sugar, 1 tablespoon olive oil.

don't over use hot tools

cool it on the hot irons and blow-drying. overheating can drastically speed up the onset of brassiness since your chemically treated hair has already been weakened by the color process. for those nights out when hot tools are a must, remember to always prep your hair with a heat protectant spray! when blow-drying, use the cool setting, or opt for a slicked-back updo or loose braid and give your hair the night off.

don't forget your sunscreen!

you already lather up your skin with sunscreen before you hit the pool, time to shield your hair, too. the sun’s powerful UV rays dry out your tresses and turn your beautiful blonde into something gold and brassy. introduce a UV protectant spray to your daily routine to boost the lifespan of your blonde. for extra protection, on your next day laying by the pool or boating on the lake (after applying your UV protectant), pull your hair into a braid or bun to reduce exposure.

pro tip: style your suit with a cute hat to safeguard that hydrated, bright, healthy blonde!

by Leslie Berlin, guest writer
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