our ceo joins the women shifting gears podcast.

our ceo joins the women shifting gears podcast.

"do what you love. work with great people. make a difference in the world.” - Shay Hoelscher

privé ceo & owner, Shay Hoelscher, is definitely living her best life. Shay’s career in the beauty industry and passion for racing and motorsports share many similarities.  this has shown her the importance of working with a team of people through collaboration, communication and support.

Shay shares how growing up in a racing family and competing in motorsports at a young age has given her the confidence and skill sets to be a great leader, especially in the beauty industry. she shares that the motorsports space,  like many other industries, are dominated by her male counterparts and many top-level executive positions.  with the aspiration of always being equal, leaning in, and doing her best, she knew she could make a contribution. with privé, she treasures being a female, and championing other empowering women to excel.

put your seatbelt on and listen as shay goes full throttle about privé’s story and her unique journey on Women Shifting Gears podcast with Amanda Busick. listen here.

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