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scalp reboot damage fix routine

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restore your hair with our damage fix bundle, a comprehensive care set designed to repair and rejuvenate damaged, dull, and over-processed hair. this bundle includes:

  • damage fix shampoo: gently cleanses while repairing hair from the inside out with jojoba proteins. deeply nourishes to restore shine and softness, rebuilds strength and elasticity, and protects from further damage. suitable for all hair types and color-safe.
  • damage fix conditioner: crafted with jojoba proteins and bamboo, this conditioner penetrates the cuticle to rebuild strength, elasticity, and structure. it provides intense conditioning and nourishment, restoring hair to a healthy and vibrant state. color-safe and suitable for all hair types.
  • scalp reboot serum: a weightless, leave-in treatment featuring micro-encapsulated technology for quick absorption. nourishes the scalp, promotes hair growth, and reduces dryness and itchiness, leading to a healthier scalp and fuller hair.
  • scalp massaging brush: made of soft silicone, this brush provides a soothing massage to boost circulation, remove dead skin cells, and break up product buildup, leaving your scalp and hair feeling refreshed and clean.

experience the warm, spicy scents of ginger and sage blended with honey, tobacco leaf, and cinnamon, complemented by the invigorating notes of lemon flower, verbena, water lotus, rose hips, and amber. perfect for achieving repaired, strong, and healthy hair from root to tip. 

powerhouse blend

protect and invigorate with antioxidizing and revitalizing ingredients