your go-to summer hair care tips.

your go-to summer hair care tips.

from sun and heat to salty seas to chlorine pools—summer may be the most fun-filled season. still, it can also do a good deal of damage to our hair. to make the most of those long summer days and hot summer nights without a worry, here are a few of our favorite privé products and extra tips to protect and care for your hair all season long. 

our sun inhibiting ingredients 

while we use a number of hydrating, reparative ingredients that will protect your hair from damage, two of our summer superstars include powerhouse bled ingredients quinoa and baobab. quinoa, an ancient grain, ensures pigment protection—making sure that your hair will stay vibrant through the summer months. baobab, a key oil for hair health, is all about hydration—not to mention, it’s here to protect your hair from environmental stressors like sun, pollution, and the elements.  

prep & protect

our prep & protect spray is a must for your everyday summer hair routine. not only does this protein-packed spray protect hair from hot tools, prep & protect repairs damaged hair and prevents breakage all while stopping that pesky summer frizz and infusing an extra bit of hydration to keep your hair feeling healthy and smooth.  

shine mist 

looking for another lightweight spray to give your hair a silky summer shine? our shine mist is your new best friend. this citrus-y spray tackles texture, smoothing down unwanted frizz and delivering shine with a boost of moisture and hydration.  

blonde rush 

blonde hair turning brassy, or even green from too many days by the pool? we’ve all been there. thankfully, our blonde rush duo is here to save the day. the violet shampoo and conditioner pair is perfect for blondes and highlighted brunettes who want to keep their tones cool for the summer. featuring goji berries and jojoba proteins, adding these to your wash routine will brighten blondes and nourish your locks by strengthening hair fibers, boosting elasticity, and keeping your hair soft as can be. 

beat the heat with a hat 

our products can do a lot to protect your beachy waves, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be used in conjunction with other sun protection tactics. one of the best ways to beat the heat and protect your hair, scalp, and skin from sun damage is to wear a hat when you’re out at the beach or on a long hike. not a hat person? a bandana is your next best fashion staple for protecting your strands at your summer picnics. 

be kind when detangling 

we’ve all experienced the stress of trying to detangle our hair after a long day of summer fun. the best way to be kind to your hair when brushing in the summer? use a wide-tooth comb. although straying away from brushing your hair when wet is your best bet for avoiding damage, that just isn’t an option for some. instead, use a wide-tooth comb to untangle your curls while you condition in the shower.

embrace those natural oils...unless you’ve been by the pool  

abstaining from over-washing is even more important in the summer. your natural oils can actually do a lot to keep your hair nourished at the root by protecting scalp health. take this as a sign to wash your hair less often from june to august! that is, unless you’ve been in a chlorine pool, in which case you’ll want to be sure to wash those harsh chemicals out of your hair as soon as possible with one of our hydrating shampoos.  

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