sweet as can be

sweet as can be

who knew green peas packed such a punch? take a look at the countless benefits sweet pea protein can have on your hair. 

did you ever think you would own any beauty products that contain sweet green peas? well, if there are privé products on your shower caddy, these powerful veggies are already part of your daily hair care routine. after reading this, you’ll see why. 

sweet peas and health 

peas are a true powerhouse. they contain just about every vitamin and mineral your body needs to stay healthy. from vitamins c, k, a, and e to fiber, magnesium, iron, and even zinc–peas are like one all-natural supplement packed into a tasty snack. 

because of this, sweet green peas are credited with boosting your immune system as well as helping to prevent common ailments like heart disease and diabetes. 

in addition, these verdant vegetables can help reduce inflammation, control blood sugar, and aid in digestive health. due to peas’ high concentration of carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, they have even been linked to protecting your eyes from cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. that’s right, sweet green peas can help you see! 

peas should certainly be included in your weekly grocery haul–but let’s make a case for why they should make an appearance in your body care hauls, too. 

the beauty in peas 

sweet green peas are high in protein and contain an assortment of phyto-nutrients. this, coupled with the fact that they are rich in amino acids, makes them a great, natural addition to hair and skin care products. 

all of the vitamins we mentioned above play an essential role when it comes to skin care. take vitamin c for example, optimal quantities of which can be found in peas. this hearty vitamin is key in producing collagen. as we get older, seeking out products that can help boost collagen production is even more important, as this is what keeps skin firm and prevents unwanted lines and wrinkles. not to mention, it provides an all-natural, beautiful glow.

these nutrients play a different role when it comes to peas in hair care. in hair products, the antioxidants within peas do hard work. with the ability to revitalize hair at the root, pea extract can both strengthen hair and promote hair growth. 


when it comes to sweet green peas in our products, we love this surprise ingredient because of its unique ability to increase hair plasticity and prevent breakage, all while increasing moisture binding so your hair stays gorgeous and healthy between washes. 

when it comes to our hair, bodies, and health, peas really are as sweet as can be.

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