helping women in need during the coronavirus shutdown with privé + Project Beauty Share

helping women in need during the coronavirus shutdown with privé + Project Beauty Share

for most living through the coronavirus, their beauty routines have changed, and access to simple hygiene items isn’t guaranteed. while we live and manage our new lifestyles in “the great pause,” as some are calling it, our thoughts have shifted to the most vulnerable—women and children in homeless and domestic violence shelters, the working poor, displaced families, refugees, and women coming out of incarceration.

for some who are living just above the poverty line, the limited access to employment, transportation, and basic services will put them at a higher risk of slipping into poverty, and at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19.

Julie Farley, founder of Project Beauty Share in Spokane, Washington, said her goal is to raise awareness for those whose voices may not be heard, but those whose lives may be most affected by covid-19. her organization, now in its 10th year, collects soap, disposable menstrual products, moisturizers, cosmetics, shampoo and conditioner for low-income and at-risk populations. in individual states, these items are not eligible for the supplemental nutrition assistance program (snap) benefits.

“the point is to inspire women across the country to help women, children, and families,” farley said.

through privé’s partnership with project beauty share, our consumers will be able to make a difference for this organization. as a company, we’re increasing the contribution of our sales to project beauty share from 1% to 10% during the next three months to help women in need. we’re also donating 1,000 duos of each of our 3-ounce shampoos and conditioners.

we had the privilege to sit down with Farley and privé ceo Shay Hoelscher and discuss how people across the u.s. can help those in need.

how have needs shifted for your organization during the coronavirus?

“our focus has shifted to hygiene products and feminine products. especially in these times, these products are providing hope and dignity,” Farley said. “toilet paper is so scarce right now. i think feminine hygiene items could follow suit.”

with the current COVID-19 situation facing the general public, how does that impact a shelter?

“many families are focused internally on their current situation, and people are naturally becoming more conservative in their giving. individuals may be unable to pay shipping fees for mail-in products to Project Beauty Share and even if they are willing to pay, an additional trip to the post office is out of the question. in the last two weeks, our donations have been reduced by at least 50% from both mail-in and local partners.”

with the rise in unemployment, people aren’t able to afford basic necessities for their own household. how has the increased number of families in need of assistance impacted Project Beauty Share?

“we have people reaching out who never have before. it’s a ‘pride thing’ for a lot of people to have to go somewhere to get help. they’re desperate; they need these products not only to sustain themselves but their families as well. the food stamps only go far.”

the stay-at-home order makes it even harder for people to reach out, since receiving assistance may also put them more at risk for contracting COVID-19. how have state orders impacted the homebound in other ways?

“now, because of the stay-at-home order, women are prone to more domestic violence because they have to stay in their residence. the women that flee to domestic violence shelters usually are leaving with just their purse, leaving them with little or no possessions.”

Shay, how did visiting Project Beauty Share and shelters have an impact on you?

“we take the most basic level of hygiene—using a bar of soap or washing our hair—for granted every day. being clean can give a person a great level of confidence, and this can change everything.”

“this could happen to any one of us. these are normal, beautiful women. they just had one thing happen, another thing happen and another,” Hoelscher said.
“i remember coming home to my husband saying ‘i want to do more. i want to give more.’”

“at privé, we’re obsessed with doing good.”

Julie, prive’s partnership with project beauty share has been in place since our rebranding launched in 2018. how important is a long-term donation commitment to an organization like yours?

“we are picky and choosy about partnerships,” Farley said. “we do have companies that want to do a one time donation. you’re long term. with privé, we’re able to communicate our needs because we have an ongoing and valued relationship. this donation is a game-changer for project beauty share and the families we serve.”

those who would like to donate to Project Beauty Share can do so through their warehouse drop-off, mail-in donations, monetary contributions on their website, and through their Amazon wish list.

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-safe (7233)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Feeding America: find a local food bank
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