stylist washing hair

hair washing 101

are there things you do on autopilot every day? from brushing your teeth to your morning commute, there are some things we do without much thought. for many of us, washing our hair is one of these mindless activities, but we may not be doing it properly. our girl Collette Silva (@collette_stylist) is dropping some of her knowledge to help us cleanse our hair effectively without causing damage!

step one: fully wet hair then squeeze out excess water. hair has an acidic ph, so getting it wet helps to lift the cuticle slightly for better cleansing.

step two: apply shampoo into palms and rub hands together to create a lather then apply throughout the roots of your hair.

step three: scrub your scalp very well with fingertips to break up the oil, dirt and product build-up.

step four: rinse scalp and let the bubbles bathe the rest of your hair. there is no need to scrub the ends & lengths as this will damage and strip it of its natural oils.

step five: squeeze the excess moisture from the hair and apply conditioner or intensive treatment on the lengths and ends, avoiding the roots to maintain volume. after allowing it to sit, rinse with cool water!  

it’s as simple as that! 5 steps and you’re on your way to better hair. be sure to pick the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair’s needs! 

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