compare & contrast: our hair sprays

compare & contrast: our hair sprays

your hair spray should fit your mood. whether you’re looking for texture, a flexible, everyday hold, or a trustworthy firm hold, privé has three different hairs spray formulas to cater to your unique hairstyling needs. take a look: 

finishing texture spray

we all have those days where our hair is looking a little flat, dull, and let’s just say it–lifeless. no matter how well we take care of our hair, this is bound to happen–sometimes even right after a fresh wash day. when you want to wear your hair down but could use an added touch of texture, our finishing texture spray is here to help. 

with bamboo, goji berry, and açai, our finishing texture spray builds extreme volume and texture on all hair types. this spray is perfect for achieving beach-ready waves and controlling frizz for a full day or gorgeous hair. to apply, simply hold up to one foot away from your hair and spray from below–this upward motion will make for the best volume possible with a medium hold and medium shine.


finishing hair spray

our finishing texture spray may be great for days when your hair could use some extra flare, but what about a formula for those everyday looks? enter our finishing spray: a flexible hold hair spray that imparts volume while allowing for natural movement. not to mention, it controls frizz just the same as our texture spray. with added powerhouse ingredient green tea, this spray provides high shine for a silky smooth look with a medium hold. 

this product is meant to be used while you style. simply hold 12 inches away from your hair and apply in layers so your hair becomes luminous and bouncy all throughout. 


firm hold hair spray

and last but certainly not least, say hello to privé’s firm hold hairspray. with the same organic ingredients from the first two hairsprays working to create the perfect natural formula, this spray differs in that it applies high hold and high shine. this spray is for bold looks, up-dos, and days when you cannot risk your hair falling flat. 

humidity resistant, our firm hold hair spray offers massive hold and intense fullness. to use, spray one foot away to lock in your firm hold ready look for up to 12 hours. 

when it comes to hair spray for any and all occasions, we definitely understand the assignment.

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