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to us, feeling beautiful inspires confidence, which in turn empowers change - and that's a cause we can get behind! whether it's spending time with underserved kids, raising funds for medical research, or advocating for animals, find a cause that lights your fire.

let's focus on bringing good to the world, lead with kindness, and help each other with more than a retweet. the smallest act of kindness, an hour of your spare time, that extra $10 - it can literally change someone's life for the better. literally. and because we believe actions speak volumes, we provide one paid day per quarter to each employee to pursue their #priveitforward passion. which is very cool.

P.S. we're kinda basic so we made a hashtag, #priveitforward. use it to show us how YOU are making a difference

Project Beauty Share

privé is pledging 1% of sales to charities that help women in need. our charity of choice is Project Beauty Share, an organization that provides hygiene, cosmetics and beauty products to women who may not otherwise be able to afford them.

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