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moisture rich 1 oz. duo

nourishes dry hair | smoothes frizz | softens coarse unruly hair

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nourishes dry hair | smoothes frizz | softens coarse unruly hair

moisture rich shampoo: 
give dry, dull hair a new lease on life. moisture rich has a higher percentage of extracts from key powerhouse blend ingredients of baobab and kukui oil which delivers concentrated hydration therapy and rejuvenates dry, frizzy hair.

moisture rich conditioner: 
this rich creamy consistency uses organic shea butter to hydrate, smooth, detangle and soften the hair, returning it to it’s moisture rich, swing-and-sway condition.

smells like: clean & fresh
lemon flower and verbena blended with water lotus, rose hips and amber

powerhouse blend

protect and invigorate with antioxidizing and revitalizing ingredients

jojoba proteins

jojoba proteins penetrate the hair follicle and strengthen hair fibers from the inside, to encourage shine, elasticity and softness

kukui oil

kukui oil contains high levels of amino and fatty acids, which are highly penetrative and are able to help restore moisture and imparts gloss and shine

sweet green peas

popular for its high protein content and unique assortment of phyto-nutrients, it also provides a rich source of amino acids, all of which increase hair plasticity to help prevent breakage by increasing moisture binding